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However, he was discharged from the forces after suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and assaulting a police officer, so returned to life in Weatherfield.

Gary had a relationship with Izzy Armstrong who he met while on leave from the army, and their wish to have a baby was granted by Tina Mc Intyre who acted as a surrogate.

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Why does love make us do the most ridiculous things? Possibly Lady Noir and Ladrien With the rise of akumas increasing in Paris, our group of heroes fight back in secrecy of the public.

Why does it make us not see clearly when the answers are right there in front of us? But what happens if an akuma pops up one day with a revelation that none of them expected.

Once a rogue, Gary was often in trouble with the law and spent time in prison, but eventually decided to turn his life around and joined the army.

A year after their son Jake was born, Gary and Izzy broke up and he started dating Alya Nazir.

Despite her family's initial disapproval of the relationship, Gary proposed to Alya, but their engagement broke off after he discovered she had sex with Jason Grimshaw.

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