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When lodging a development application with council, council controls apply.The State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 does not change the application of the BASIX requirements.The corresponding source code is hosted on our github page: If you're interested in following-up please subscribe to this document to be notified about new chapters.Enterprise Granny Part 1: There's no spoon - but a fork!She dedicates most of her life trying to protect people from the monthly Wolfstimes, especially Red whom she gives a magic cloak to stop her from turning on the full moon, and also expanding her baking business.Amos dies on one particularly rough Wolfstime, just a day after Granny is evicted and un-evicted for not being able to pay her taxes (Red sorts this problem out).

During the course of the next weeks we will enhance this simple demo app and make it enterprise-ready by using open source software and by leveraging some of the capabilities of the platform.

When she successfully manages to cancel a ball which she feared would make people easy pickings for the wolf, Violet Roberts tries to host her own and is attacked.

Red manages to fend it off with a special arrow but she and Granny both hear a howl later, signifying harder times ahead.

The State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009, applies to granny flats built as complying development.

If the proposed granny flat does not comply with all of the development standards in the AHSEPP you will need to get development approval from your Council.

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