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In contrast, very little sign of coral re-establishment was found at Stone Island suggesting delayed recovery.

These results provide a valuable reference point for managers to continue monitoring the recovery (or lack thereof) of coral communities at these reefs..

In 2012 we revisited two inshore reefs within the central Great Barrier Reef, where a series of historical photographs document a loss of hard coral cover between c.1890–1994 AD.

Here we use an integrated approach that includes high-precision U-Th dating specifically tailored for determining the age of extremely young corals to provide a robust, objective characterisation of ecological transition.

The Biggest Family Album in Australia (BFA) project aimed to document Victorian history and culture using family photographs.

Commencing in 1985 and continuing until 1991, rural and regional locations in Victoria were indentified and two Museum Victoria staff were stationed at each area for two weeks.

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This rather austere outlook is further exacerbated by the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) contentiously being argued as not the best managed reef in the world, with delays in water quality improvement programs and the threat of increased port development along the Queensland coastline.A close rival in popularity to the photo posts is Useful Tips for Reading Handwritten Documents which became a long list of tips and tricks generated by comments from you and from State Records staff.It got us thinking…we create a similar list of useful tips for dating photographs?Historic photographs of Adelaide including buildings, parklands, statues and other significant structures and sites, former Lord Mayors of Adelaide and other significant persons of interest.Information provided includes record number, image link, title, description, date created, date closed, date accuracy, town acre, format, copyright notes, provenance, series.

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