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living and wading in the creek with just shorts and shoes on.This occurred frequently during the summer before the creek would dry up.The time in the hot springs naked was much fine than having to put on a swimsuit.But she came up and we spoke for only a little bit.

That girl is in a cute little Redhead in the "Testimonials" section. If you want to know if a Dream Marriage girl is real, just tell her to only use your personal email! If she is paid to write you she will quit writing immediately!

Her owner (pictured right) made her perform at circuses and restaurants during the 'entertainment season' but she was forced to live in a small shed near a fish factory during winter.

When on the move, she lived in a tiny cage in the back of a van (pictured inset) that often reached temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius...Russia dismissed calls by Donald Trump to hand back Crimea to Ukraine claiming 'we do not give back our own territory', with the Kremlin describing relations with the White House as 'in a lamentable state'.

I found two wonderful prospective people, and made some friends. All information on this website remains the copyright of

Kristina (pictured left), an old brown bear with bad eyesight, was kept in a tiny cage in the back of a van before she was rescued by police and charity workers in Ukraine.

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