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No more crazy barking when the door bell rings or someone walks in the room. I would advise anyone with barking dogs to get one of these.Most viewers would immediately surmise that Garson is talking about one of his co-star Matt Bomer's impeccably tailored ensembles — being a captured criminal never looked so good — but Garson is actually referring to a much more personal garment: his alter ego's wedding attire. On Thursday's new episode of White Collar (9/8c, USA), Mozzie is getting married, and has an exclusive first look at his special day. "It is a wedding of convenience, but there's a massive twist as to why they get married," Garson says.Each rank is denoted with a different insignia identifying ones rank and if they are superior or inferior to other military personnel.Rank insignia are usually worn on hats, on the shoulder of uniforms or around the waist and chest.So I just wanted it to be handled in a way that wasn't obvious which is really the writers earlier in the show's run about their desire to introduce a woman from Mozzie's past."It was an ongoing discussion all the time of Mozzie needs more women.This seems strange because people's height usually correspond to their arm length; so it would make sense that the manufacturer adjust the pocket height and shirt length accordingly. My husband has been a Van Heusen fan for years but they seem to have begun to fit oddly. He's very muscular and that causes him to be rather beefy across the shoulders and neck area.He says these shirts fit much better than the other line of VH I've purchased before and he wants more of these.

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"I wanted it to be surprising in that it wasn't going to be just a one-joke thing or just a joke that Mozzie has this wife.

Rank insignia represents the rank of each personnel in the US military.

The higher rank the officer is the more authority and responsibility the officer has.

So, two thumbs up and,of course, two from me because he looks pretty drool-worthy in them!

I bought these for my husband in both the royal blue and the aquatic green colors. Most importantly, unlike many of the dress shirts out there, these did not fit him too short (lengthwise). The "flex collar" has no flex that I can find (other than it is a little larger than my other 17.5 inch collared shirts. I'm a devastatingly handsome XL'ish guy and far too many times shirts either run small / large, shrink, are paper thin, or hot as the face of the 'sun'...shirt had decent tuck in back and was really comfortable.

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