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Take left turn at Cliffoney and follow signs to Mullaghmore N3. Knock Airport (1 hr 7 mins) Derry Airport (1 hr 52 mins) Belfast International Airport (2 hrs 32 mins) Belfast City Airport (2 hrs 34 mins) Dublin Airport (2 hrs 52 mins) Shannon Airport (3 hrs 4 mins) Classiebawn Castle which overlooks Mullaghmore, was built by Lord Mount Temple in 1874. From Belfast via Enniskillen: Head to Ballyshannon. Take right turn at Cliffoney and follow signs to Mullaghmore.Upon its completion in 1658 the Down Survey, along with the Strafford Survey from the 1630s, were housed in the Surveyor General’s Office in Dublin.According to William Petty, there were 2,278 parishes in Ireland.In a twenty year period around the time of the Famine some 60,000 people emigrated through Sligo Port, mainly to the USA.

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All the surviving original maps were finally destroyed in the Custom House Fire in 1922. By the 1650s almost all land had been confiscated from Catholic landowners, only in Connacht was some left for the displaced who had not fled ’…to hell or to Connacht’. French force under General de Humbert lands at Killala Bay, Mayo, to support the Rising of the United Irishmen under the leadership of Wolf Tone. The force winds its way throughout the west and northwest of Ireland. There were various famine times over the years, but this is regarded as the last great subsistence food crisis in Western Europe.It is estimated that in these years alone about one million died and the same amount emigrated.In Sligo alone the population was reduced by about one third through death and emigration.There were about 30,000 victims of the Great Famine.

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